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What Coaching Does

Through practices and exercises designed with you, you will understand in new ways, strengthen your presence, leadership, resilience, and ability to choose effective and intentional responses to what life offers. My coaching focuses on your inherent ability to grow, develop, and build new skills and habits that impact how you show up personally and professionally.

Our engagement process results in jointly designed, specific, competency-based outcomes for our work together. Outcomes can address a wide range of professional topics such as creating purposeful work, balancing competing commitments, navigating organizational challenges, and empowering others. Career and life changes, relationship challenges, improving self-care, and finding greater joy, peace, and fulfillment are also frequent coaching topics.

Results From Coaching

As your coach, I help you tap into your full potential, find direction, and achieve your goals. We work together to align your personal qualities with your goals to bring a sense of purpose and direction to your life.

In addition to the specific outcomes of your coaching program, you will build your capacity for presence and choice in both everyday life and challenging situations. You will have the opportunity to enhance the power of your own voice and be more intentional about your lifelong development.

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